Heating system installation and maintenance in Geneva

DEM Technologies installs a wide range of central heating and hot water systems for both individuals and businesses. We take care of your project from start to finish!

Because the environment is vitally important to us, the heating solutions we provide combine natural energy sources with electricity and are convenient for heating your home, office, factory, swimming pool or water supply.

We are your heating partner, active across the canton of Geneva and the Lake Geneva area for over 30 years as heating engineers specialised in the installation and maintenance of all types of your air source heat pump and solar thermal panels.

Ecological and economical solutions: heat pumps and solar thermal panels

Heat pumps are a sustainable and economical heating solution. These systems can be adapted to buildings of almost any layout, whether being newly constructed or renovated, and provide maximum day-to-day comfort, all year long!

Solar thermal panels are used to produce hot water and are an ecological and economical solution for heating your water while also reducing your electricity bill.

The DEM Technologies team, with our thorough knowledge in the field of heating engineering, will be able to help you choose the heat pump system(air source air-to-air, ground source ground-to-water or reversible heat pumps) or solar thermal panels to best meet your needs, following an energy study provided by us.

DEM Technologies works with trusted brands for heat pumps and solar thermal panels, ensuring maximum performance, efficiency and safety.

Full service

From the energy and technical study, through the design and installation of pipework and heating systems, to the maintenance of heat production and distribution equipment and heat emitters, DEM Technologies will carry out your installation following industry best practices, bringing you performance and reliability.

As well as installing residential and industrial heating systems, DEM Technologies carries out water treatment specific to the composition of the water in your system to bring it in line with directive SICC BT 102-01.

Are you unsure what kind of heating system to install in your new home? Do you want to upgrade your old heating system? Trust DEM Technologies with your project. We handle the entire installation process and complete maintenance of heating systems for individuals and businesses in industry and the tertiary sector.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our services or for a free quote!