Maintenance and ventilation installation in Geneva

Because good ventilation provides a house’s residents or a company’s employees with good air quality at all times, DEM Technologies makes sure to continuously develop its expertise in the installation, renovation and maintenance of air distribution and ventilation systems.

Our company has a proven record of customer satisfaction over almost 30 years working with individuals and business clients in industry and the tertiary sector across the whole of the city of Geneva and the Lake Geneva area.

Our services

DEM Technologies offers various services to improve air quality in homes or other buildings. Our goal is to improve your building’s consumption index (IDC), enabling you to make both energy and financial savings.

DEM Technologies meticulously analyses your ventilation needs in order to offer you the right solution for your home or business:

Technical studies

Our ventilation technicians design and sizeyour air distribution systems.


Our team can select, supply and install ventilation systems single-flowordual-flow (monoblock units, plenum boxes, etc.). It can also handle duct and diffuser installation.


We carry out audits on ventilation systems and extraction ducts.


Our service covers maintenance of monoblock units, return airventsand diffusers as well as cleaning and maintenance of ventilation and extraction ducting (like cooker hoods).

Our professional team ensures you a high-quality service completely tailored to your interior space, your budget and your requirements.

Advantages of a ventilation system

Installing a ventilation system inside your house and/or office brings a number of advantages:

  • Economical: low energy consumption
  • Good for health: ventilation systems reduce the risks of respiratory allergies
  • Good for comfort: eliminate unpleasant odours, prevent mould growth and ensure a healthy environment
  • Smart: eliminate condensation problems
  • Convenient: quick to install and require little maintenance

Do you want to breathe in cleaner air? Reduce humidity? Take effective action against air pollution or freshen your air regularly and effectively? Use a single-flow or dual-flow ventilation system for a healthy and comfortable environment!

Don’t hesitate to ask our company for more information about our single or dual-flow ventilation installation services. Request your free quote now!