Smart solutions for houses and businesses

At DEM Technologies, we design, program, install and maintain smart technology for homes, as well as control systems for businesses. Our technicians can provide advice to help you choose the automation technology that best meets your needs, for controlling your home’s lighting, electric window openers and security systems.

Our smart technology company, DEM Technologies, is active across the whole of the city of Geneva and the Lake Geneva area.

Smart technology for safety and comfort

Some of the advantages of smart technology are more apparent when you’re not at home. Left home and forgot to lock the door? No need to panic! Your locks can be operated remotely with an app on your smartphone.

Settled down to watch a film only to realise that you forgot to close the blinds or to turn on your home cinema system? You can control all of that from your sofa.

What would you say to lights that turn on and off by themselves depending on the time of day or while you’re gone for the weekend? Create a domestic lighting system that’s perfect for your lifestyle with DEM Technologies.

You can even change the setting on your air conditioning or heating system before you leave work so that it automatically adjusts to the perfect temperature by the time you get home. Our smart solutions are designed to work for you! What are you waiting for?

Automate your home or business and control any electronic or communication device, from the locks to the lights, from doors to curtains, temperature, audio/video, energy systems and alarms and security. All of these functions can be managed using a PC, tablet or smartphone from inside the house but also when you’re not in.

It’s smart for the environment too!

Installing an automatic lighting system doesn’t just protect the environment but can also be very cost-effective for consumers. So you can create the perfect ambiance and save energy with smart lighting control.

With our different solutions and devices, you’ll be better able to control your energy consumption depending on whether or not you’re in the house or building or on the weather.

Cutting-edge service and innovative technology!

Our client-centred approach and high quality of service make it easy for you to enjoy all the advantages of personalised smart solutions in domestic, tertiary sector and industrial premises. We offer you a complete offer and do everything to keep it as simple as possible.

Our customer-centric approach and high quality of service make it easy for you to benefit from all the advantages of personalized home smart solutions in domestic, tertiary and industrial installations.

Make any smart solution a reality for your house or business with DEM Technologies!

Do you have a residential or commercial project coming up? Would you like to have a smart system installed in your home or industrial building? If you want absolute control and facilities that are both modern and easy to use, contact us by phone or email for more information on our smart technology installation services. We’ll provide you with a detailed free quote!