Photovoltaic solar panel installation in Geneva

Would you like to take advantage of an economical and environmentally-friendly source of energy? Solar energy is the ideal natural resource – consider installing photovoltaic solar panels! Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help with the implementation of your project.

DEM Technologies, a company specialised in general electrical services, handles the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic solar panels to enable you to benefit from your own electricity all year round, even in winter.

We are able to provide your home or commercial premises with the equipment and accessories needed for renewable energy production.

We carry out tailored installations based on an analysis of your energy needs. Our team of technicians, experts in renewable energy, will evaluate your project’s feasibility and adapt it to fit your actual needs.

Qualified and experienced, we provide installation of efficient and reliable photovoltaic systems to individuals and companies based in Geneva or the Lake Geneva area.

With DEM Technologies, you can rest assured that you’ll receive quality services, thanks to our professional and experienced team of electricians!


A beneficial solution

Photovoltaic solar panel installation brings the following benefits:

Sustainable investment

The cost of solar panels has fallen considerably in recent years and looks set to continue to decrease in the future. Photovoltaic solar panels therefore have a very promising future both in terms of financial viability and environmental sustainability.

Reduced energy bills

By installing photovoltaic solar panels for your business or house, you will considerably reduce your electricity bills.

Furthermore, when you invest in green electricity in Geneva, you are contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and are therefore eligible for a government subsidy.

Eco-friendly consumption

Solar panels provide clean, green energy. No harmful greenhouse gases are emitted during energy production using photovoltaic solar panels. This makes it environmentally-friendly technology.

Feel like getting in on the green energy action? Do you want to increase your energy independence? DEM Technologies is the photovoltaic solar panel expert you need! We install solar panels anywhere in the city of Geneva or the Lake Geneva area.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out more and receive a free quote.